Privileged Access Management

What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

Privileged Access Management is a suite of functionality that protects privileged user accounts from compromise by providing a safe environment in which users with privileged access may access target systems with credentials managed by the PAM system on behalf of the user. The system brokers Web UI, Shell (Bash/CLI), and RDP sessions on behalf of the privileged users.

The PAM System does this by retrieving the necessary credentials from the Credential Vault, and presents the target system with those credentials on behalf of the user via secure channel, without requiring the user to have knowledge of the credential being utilized. The credential is obfuscated by the system, which is a security feature, and eliminates the user from having to know/type what credential is being used.

The PAM Credential Manager securely and iteratively changes the credentials being used for the target systems without user involvement, or knowledge. The system owns the credential, and will utilize extremely complex credentials on a per-system basis. The system will change the credential every hour if desired, again utilizing obfuscation as a primary security benefit.

PAM risks resolved through overWatch.ID

What problems does overWatch.ID solve?

overWatch.ID provides a comprehensive and more secure PAM solution that is easy to deploy in days, not months, at a significant cost reduction to other vendor options in the market. overWatch.ID also includes IAM and CASB, all included in one holistic bundle.

What will overWatch.ID replace?

overWatch.ID is so affordable, that we can typically replace a customers existing PAM solutions with our holistic overWatch.ID PAM, IAM and CASB platform at the cost of the existing maintenance charges alone. Our Try-and-Buy option, along with our easy to use automated/orchestrated on-boarding allows you to spin up overWatch.ID along side your existing PAM solution and compare the benefits.

What does overWatch.ID include?

overWatch.ID includes all of the functionality for PAM that other vendors offer as a-la-carte options, in an easy usage-based model, which means no complex licensing, nickel-and-diming you to death with perpetual licensing fees for each feature, per-seat subscription licensing, and maintenance costs that the other current PAM vendors charge.